Contains references to suicide and self harm.

A zine created for Review Jam 2023.

Morgan and her internet persona S.T. discuss one of killer7's playable personalities, KAEDE Smith, and hope to arrive at a conclusion (and learn how to use Electric Zine Maker) within the suggested 2 hour deadline. Whether they're successful or the results are legible is anyone's guess.

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Tagselectric-zine-maker, Transgender, zine


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I definitely think Kaede's beta design would have been a better choice.... Tho idk about the bath robe thing! I always thought that it was a short dress without shoulder straps, and it seems like the wikia page for her also seems to agree... Plus, she does change her dress to have a flower pattern in the 2nd chapter, idk if a bath robe would have that kind of pattern on it. Regardless, I agree with you on every other point, especially considering Kaede is the only female personality in the Killer7.


Almost too legible. I felt my ability to read increasing and became frightened to no end. My one constructive comment is to utilize the full screen option from your creator dashboard to make the zine pop!


I'll add more filters next time, apologies.

(Fullscreen added now thanks for the suggestion!)